Ty & Alissa are a married couple from the Pacific Northwest and have lived in Mexico full-time since May of 2016.  They met in 2006 when they worked for the same company in Portland and became great friends.  They started dating in 2012 and moved to Seattle in 2014 after Ty got a promotion.  Together they manage the Jardin del Mar Estate and live onsite.  

Ty is the front man of Jardin and the first face all our guests see.  He loves meeting new people and he's enjoying his gig as property manager and vacation connoisseur.  From scheduling massages or sailing excursions, calling taxis or recommending restaurants...he's the guy to make your vacation a breeze.  He also does our Airport Shuttle Service, so he may even be the first person to welcome you to Mexico! 

Ty grew up on Mercer Island, Washington but lived in the Portland area for 15 years after attending college there.  In late 2015, he decided life is too short to spend it working 60 hours per week with no end in sight, so he convinced Alissa to sell their house and all of their possessions and move to little La Cruz de Huanacaxtle with him in an effort to live simpler, cheaper lives.  

Alissa is the Jane-of-all-trades at Jardin... From webdesign, interior design, reservation management, customer relations, marketing, social media, photography, managing the staff and more...she keeps the ball rolling behind the scenes.  

Alissa was born in Kirkland, Washington but grew up in the Portland area and considers it her "home."  She reluctantly let Ty drag her to Seattle and then to Mexico, but she's enjoying the slower vibes south of the border and loves learning a new language and culture.  Ty thinks she is super smart and way more hilarious than he is.  (She also creates all of their website content.)  

Luna may have a few years on her, but don't be fooled... Jardin is the only home she has ever known, so she takes her job as Head of Security very seriously.  From scaring off sun-bathing iguanas and letting the water delivery guy know who's boss, she's always on duty to make sure you're safe as can be.  

When there are no pressing security matters to attend to, she's usually looking for a cool spot to take a siesta. 


Bloo got dragged from Seattle to Mexico by his crazy parents and he is the Head of the Welcoming Committee at Jardin.  He loves his job almost as much as he loves meeting new people.  He's sure to lead you to your room upon arrival as well as give you a tour of the grounds (whether you want him to or not.)