Jim and Maria Jaramillo. The enthusiastic visionaries of Jardin del Mar began their adventure when they first embarked on an escapade to Mexico in 1993. While planning a trip with friends, they quickly chose Puerto Vallarta as thier destination. The two immediately fell in love with the area.  Maria was drawn to the culture and art, and they decided that this would be where they would build their home after retirement. After looking at several other plots of land in the area, she convinced Jim that they should purchase this particular piece of paradise.  Jim, a wise and accomplished man in his own right, knew to trust Maria’s intuition. After all, they had been successful with other property ventures in New Mexico, where Maria’s eye for design had never failed. Where he saw only untamed jungle, she fully envisioned the home as it stands today. So, this beautiful and tranquil plot of land became theirs. As they then began to build their home, Maria, an adept designer, worked with their builder to manage every detail of the build.  The project provided Maria with a blank canvas, and she was inspired by the possibilities. Together, they traveled throughout Mexico, collecting treasures with which to furnish their new home.  She was even known to “borrow” plants and flowers from some of the places they visited for her own garden.  Over the years, they would add to the property, decorating every room from floor to ceiling, as they continued to add more bungalows as time went on. Jim was there every step of the way to support her vision, adding his own artistic touches throughout the property.  Every tile mosaic was thoughtfully and beautifully created by his own hand. 

Maria and Jim created this intimate oasis, Jardin del Mar, to share their love of Mexican art and culture, with family and friends. 

A FAMILY AFFAIR. After many adventurous years in Mexico, Jim and Maria returned to New Mexico. Since then, Jardin del Mar has had several hosts. Each cared for, and loved, the property as they added unique and personal touches. Jim and Maria's paradise is currently in the hands of one of their beloved grand-daughters, Lauren (whom they endearingly call "Lorena"). Lauren grew up spending summers with her grand-parents at Jardin del Mar - just the three of them. She spent months at a time each year at Villas Jardin Del Mar. During those years she unwittingly was learning just how Jim and Maria cared for their property and guests. Lauren can honestly say that her grandparents and this paradise were both a large part of her upbringing. 

Jardin del Mar has always been a home to Lauren, and she is thankful to keep it as such. While Jim and Maria no longer share in operations of the estate, their influence still weighs heavily on every decision made.

Of course, a task this large can not be taken on by one person alone. Lauren shares this responsibility with her husband Chris, various members of her extended family, a pool serviceman, gardeners, Mario (maintenance), and Yolanda (a beloved and long-time employee - Jardin del Mar's caretaker and housekeeper). Daily business operations are managed by Michelle Hergali Property Management. 

We are beyond thankful for all of our staff!