THE CREATORS Jim & Maria Jaramillo decided to take a Mexican Vacation. So, they rounded up some friends and decided that Puerto Vallarta was the destination.  Immediately, Maria and Jim fell in love with the area.  Maria was drawn to to the wonder of it and decided to look to buy land. They looked at several plots of land and it turned out that this plot wasn’t Jim’s first choice.  It was a literal jungle and needed a lot of work.  However, Maria was compelled by it.  Before heading back to the U.S. and at Maria’s urging, the two came back to this plot at sunset for a family meeting.  It was here, as the waves lapped against the shore and the breeze moved through the jungle, that Maria convinced Jim to purchase this piece of paradise. This would be where they would build their home. Jim, a wise and accomplished man in his own right, knew to trust Maria’s intuition. After all, they had been successful with their other property ventures in New Mexico where Maria’s eye for design never failed. So, this beautiful and tranquil plot of land that lies north of Puerto Vallarta, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, right on the bay of Banderas, at the water’s edge, became theirs.  They cleared jungle and built their home.  Maria, an adept design enthusiast, sat with their builder and worked out every tiny detail of the build.  Maria had a blank canvas and was inspired.  Together, She and Jim traveled throughout Mexico and bought treasures to furnish their home.  She was even known to “borrow” plants and flowers from some of those places for her own garden.  Over the years, she would add to the property.  She created a beautiful garden.  Then, turned the garden into an ocean front bungalow with a full kitchen.  She decorated every room from floor to ceiling and continued to add more bungalows. Jim was there every step of the way to support her vision.  What’s more, Jim added his own artistic skills throughout the property.  Every tile mosaic was thoughtfully and beautifully created by his hand and weaved into their slice of paradise.  With aplomb, Maria and Jim created an intimate oasis, Jardin del Mar, to share with family and friends.

Operated by Michelle Hergali property management.